Rafael Offers Wide Range of Products

01 Oktober 2018

Python 5 and i-Derby missile (photo : SpaceBattles)

Rafael ready to equip fighters

The Philippine Air Force hopes to induct 12 multirole fighters under both Horizons 2 and 3
of its modernisation plan. However, these 24 aircraft must be equipped with suitable combat systems.

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems told ADAS Daily News: ‘As the need for air superiority
continues to play an increasing role in all types of recent military conflicts, we believe the Philippine Air Force stands to gain a significant advantage if it equips its aircraft with Rafael’s advanced air combat aerial systems, whether they decide to buy individual systems or a complete aerial suite.’

Spike missile (photo : ADAS)

The company manufactures the Python-5 and i-Derby MR/SR to provide activeradar and fullsphere-imaging IR air-to-air missiles for short-range to beyondvisual-range threats. Air-to-ground munitions include stand-off weapons and precision-guided ammunition kits (SPICE 250, 1000 and 2000) for use against high-value targets.

The Rafael Litening 5 EO targeting and navigation pod is the most widely used in the world, according to the OEM, and the Reccelite reconnaissance pod is claimed to shorten the sensor-to-shooter cycle.

Litening targeting pod (photo : Miltech)

Airborne communications include BNET voice communications, data links and wireless networks. Rafael also has advanced airborne EW products including support jammers, radar warning receivers, electronic support measures and electronic intelligence and ECM systems. (ADAS Daily News)

Rafael solutions for ground and air

Air defence is critical for any nation, but the Philippines currently has no ground-based missile system. However, at ADAS, Rafael is highlighting its Air Defence System of Systems as a solution, which it describes as ‘a multi-layered concept that has been designed to provide optimum protection against all current and future airborne threats’.

SPYDER air defence system (photo : Nicholas Drummond)

The company told ADAS Daily News: ‘Currently, Rafael is offering the Philippines the SPYDER SR/MR air defence system. SPYDER is designed to protect against attack aircraft,
combat helicopters, bombers, UAVs and UCAVs and stand-off weapons... Both systems employ i-Derby active-radar beyond visual-range missiles, most suitable for adverse weather and environmental conditions in the Asian arena.’

A spokesperson added: ‘We believe that the Philippines, as a new user of modern air defence systems, should rely on well-proven and mature air defence systems. The SPYDER and i-Derby have been proven in combat and have been deployed with several air defence forces around the world, including some in Asia.’

Modular, Integrated C4I Air & Missile Defense (MIC4AD) (photo : IDR)

Rafael is also promoting associated C2 systems to integrate air defence assets. It believes that its MIC4AD is ideal for the Philippines and is offering it ‘as the principal system to address C2 requirements at multiple levels, including individual units, regional and national requirements’.

MIC4AD is an integrated multi-asset, multi-layer and multirange system that commands and controls the operation of air and missile defence, as well as air superiority missions.

Rafael explained: ‘MIC4AD correlates real-time data from distributed sensors/platforms – radars, identification friend-orfoe systems, data links, EO – all connected to the air traffic
control picture and mission planning system. The data is analysed to deliver a real-time, coherent national air situation picture.’ The system employs open, modular architecture so it
can be easily adapted to customer needs.

Samson RWS (photo : Maxdefense)

Also prominent on Rafael’s stand at ADAS is its remotecontrolled weapon stations (RWS). Such weapons have already been put to good use by the Philippine Army during last year’s
Battle of Marawi. Rafael’s RWS product line is based on the Samson, which is used by more than 25 countries and comes in six land and two naval configurations (Typhoon weapon stations). The Samson can support 5.56mm, 7.62mm and 12.7mm automatic weapons, 40mm automatic grenade launchers, antitank missiles such as the Spike, observation pods and nonlethal capabilities.

‘The superior capabilities and performance of Rafael’s RWS have been further enhanced by various ingenious force survivability multipliers, including in-hull ammunition reloading
that enables uninterrupted operation while minimising crew exposure to life-threatening battlefield dangers,’ the company spokesperson explained. ‘The system is loaded from under the deck, and in addition to its operational benefit, it is ergonomically designed for loader convenience and operation with minimum effort and maximum consideration of physical health.’ (ADAS Dailiy News)

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