AvtoKrAZ Delivered a Batch of KrAZ Truck to Indonesia

11 Januari 2019

KrAZ-5233 4x4 (photos : BMPD)

AvtoKrAZ fulfilled another order for its foreign client for the production of a batch of different models of KrAZ vehicles. Ordered under foreign economic contract, all-wheel drive flatbed cars on the KrAZ-5233 chassis (4x4) and KrAZ-65053 chassis (6x4) in the amount of 923 thousand dollars were sent to Indonesia.

All trucks with 380hp motors. At the request of the customer, who is well aware of KrAZ vehicles, the batch was made standard for serial models.

KrAZ-65053 6x4 (photos : BMPD)

The cars are painted white, as they will be sent to help the UN peacekeeping contingent. The on-board vehicles along with the chassis, on which the partner from abroad will install various special settings - APZ, drinking water tanks, waste collection equipment, etc., will work in the usual extreme road and climate conditions. It is in them that the robust and easy-to-operate KrAZ trucks fully disclose their technical capabilities.

UN missions and divisions around the world are regularly added to the list of users of AvtoKrAZ. Although now it is not the largest counterpart of KrAZ products by the number of units ordered, but it is very status and respectable, with which the company always treats with special attention. Kremenchug Automobile Plant understands that its products - KrAZ trucks and special vehicles based on them - make a significant contribution to the activities of the main international organization in the world. To be a registered UN supplier, which is the KrAZ trademark, a prestigious status recognized worldwide.

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