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Butcher bird!! Best?

From the Internet web site the National Interest and thanks to same:

"Forget the P-51 Mustang or Zero: This Was the Best Fighter Plane During World War II"

"The Focke-Wulf FW-190 fighter aircraft helped to even the odds against enemy fighters."



* The famous German combat aviator of the Second World War [WW2] Johannes Steinhoff rating the American P-51 Mustang as the BEST fighter place of that era. Johannes also having a high opinion of the Soviet La-5 and La-7.

* As was not known to me, the FW-190 also an excellent ground-attack warplane and used as so extensively on the Eastern Front of WW2. I had thought the FW only functioning as an interceptor in the role of defense of the Reich against attack by the four-engine bomber threat of the allied air forces.

* Positive aeronautic features and elements of the FW 190 incorporated into the design of the British Hawker Fury. Fury the Fury as seeing action during the Korean War and comporting itself well as a combat aircraft EVEN DURING AIR-AIR DUELS WITH SOVIET MiG-15 jet!!

BEST a very subjective term. Personally I prefer the opinion of Steinhoff.


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