Chinese President Xi Jinping To Meet North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un In Pyongyang In April

Kim’s visit to Beijing last week might have been a precursor to his upcoming summit with Donald Trump. Photo: Xinhua

SCMP: Xi Jinping set to meet Kim Jong-un in Pyongyang in April, South Korean sources say

* Chinese leader’s first visit to North Korea as president may coincide with Day of the Sun holiday on April 15, sources say
* Talks expected to take place after Kim’s second summit with US President Donald Trump, which sources say will be in Vietnam

Chinese President Xi Jinping is likely to make his first visit to North Korea in April, and the two sides are agreed on the matter, South Korean parliamentary sources told the South China Morning Post.

“Pyongyang and Beijing have reached a general consensus that Xi will visit Pyongyang in April,” said one of the sources, who has close ties to the Foreign Affairs and Unification Committee in Seoul.

North Korea has issued repeated invitations for Xi to visit – including in September to attend its national day celebrations – but in the six years since he was elected president he has yet to accept.

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WNU Editor: This would be their fifth meeting in the past year.

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