Does President Trump Work For Russian President Putin?

The Hill: Trump: I never worked for Russia

President Trump on Monday denied he “worked for Russia” in his most direct response yet to a bombshell report that the FBI became so worried about his behavior toward Moscow that it opened an investigation into whether he was working on its behalf.

“I never worked for Russia,” Trump told reporters at the White House before leaving to speak at a farmers’ convention in New Orleans.

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WNU Editor: This coverage alluding that President Trump is a Russian spy is so insane that I do not even know where to begin .... Reports About Trump And His Dealings With Russia Raise New Questions (YouTube). That after two years of nothing but Russian collusion on the mainstream media, we still have no evidence . Just people's opinions and the belief that Donald Trump won the Presidency because of Russia, and that is more than good enough for the media to justify their news coverage. Case in point .... Carl Bernstein: Trump helped Putin destabilize US (YouTube).

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