Former U.S. Marine Arrested By Russia for Spying Has Numerous Russian Contacts With Military Backgrounds

Reuters: Former U.S. Marine held for spying had Russian contacts with military backgrounds

Russian men with military education or a history of military service make up nearly half of Whelan’s more than 50 friends on VK, a popular Russian social network that resembles Facebook, the analysis by Reuters shows.

At least 12 of his friends received military education in Russia, according to open source information, and at least another 11 appear to have completed national service.

In addition, about a fifth of those on Whelan’s list have backgrounds in IT, engineering or civil aviation, a quarter are not connected to the military or technical sectors, and there is no information about the rest.

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WNU Editor: Most Russians have some form of military background. All Russian males must serve 12 months unless they get a deferment/exception (which many do get). So am I surprised that former U.S. Marine Paul Whelan knows a number of Russians with a military background .... the answer is no.

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