Houthi Rebels Threaten More Drone Strikes After Last Week's Drone Strike On A Military Parade

Soldiers inspect the scene of the Houthi drone attack at a military parade. Photograph: Reuters

The Guardian: Houthis threaten more drone strikes after Yemen airbase attack

Spokesman says rebels are stockpiling drones as fears for prospects of peace grow

Houthi rebels in Yemen have threatened to launch more drone attacks after a deadly strike last week on a Yemeni government military parade killed seven people, stoking tension between the warring parties and threatening UN efforts to broker peace.

Houthi spokesman Yahya Sarea said Thursday’s drone strike on a military base in Lahaj province, which killed several people, was a “legitimate operation against aggression”. He said the movement was building a stockpile of locally manufactured drones.

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WNU Editor: The last drone strike hit a high profile target .... Yemen's Army Intelligence Chief Dies of Drone Attack Wounds (Bloomberg).

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