Human Rights Watch: Venezuelan Military Personnel Jailed And Tortured Amid Coup Fears

Venezuela's President, Nicolas Maduro, talks during a military parade next to Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez (right), in La Guaira, Venezuela, on May 21. Miraflores Palace/Handout via REUTERS

Miami Herald: Venezuela military personnel increasingly jailed, tortured amid coup fears, report says

Amid fears of military coups and assassination plots, the Venezuelan government has increasingly been detaining and torturing military personnel and their families, a new report finds. The increased abuses against the armed forces — one of the linchpins of President Nicolás Maduro’s political survival — underscore the challenges he’ll face as he begins a new six-year term on Thursday.

The report released Wednesday, which is produced by Human Rights Watch and Venezuela’s Foro Penal, documented almost three dozen cases where military officers, their family, spouses or acquaintances were arbitrarily detained and often tortured as the government reacted to suspected coup plots.

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WNU Editor: The military personnel and their families are suffering just as much as everyone else in Venezuela. I am sure that talk of revolt must be rife among the ranks, and that for the government, this is their number one security worry.

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