Maduro Takes The Presidential Oath For A Second Term In Venezuela

Daily Mail: Venezuela's 'dictator' Maduro is shunned by world leaders and threatened with sanctions as he is inaugurated for his second term in office

* Inauguration of Nicolas Maduro's second term used to cut many diplomatic ties
* World leaders brand Venezuelan leader a dictator and undermine his legitimacy
* United States urged government employees to back the president's opponents
* EU condemned condemned him as 'non-democratic' and threatened sanctions

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro was shunned by the world as leaders from across the globe threatened to impose sanctions and cut ties with the oil-rich country.

The Venezuelan leader celebrated the start to a second term as leader yesterday, but his world got smaller as countries seized upon the inauguration to cut back diplomatic ties, reject his legitimacy and label him a dictator.

The United States yesterday refused to recognise Maduro's legitimacy as he started a controversial new term and urged rank-and-file government employees to empower the opposition.

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