Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- January 10, 2019

ABC News Online: China mobilises DF-26 ballistic missiles capable of sinking US warships in the South China Sea

Beijing has announced it has deployed intermediate ballistic missiles to the country's north-west region, saying the weapons have the capacity to destroy US ships entering disputed waters in the South China Sea.

The DF-26 missiles — which have been previously dubbed the 'Guam Killer' or 'Guam Express' by Chinese media and defence experts — are capable of carrying conventional or nuclear warheads.

They have a range of 4,500 kilometres, making them capable of reaching as far as Guam in the east and Indonesia in the south, providing Beijing with a powerful weapon as tensions continue to rise in the South China Sea.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- January 10, 2019

China Deploys 'Ship-Killer' Missiles in Wake of US Ship's South China Sea Tour -- Sputnik

More Chinese military bases abroad possible: PLA strategist -- Economic Times

Why a Chinese officer said South China Sea island fortification is driven by ‘threats’ -- Christopher Bodeen, AP

Why China’s Military Wants to Beat the US to a Next-Gen Cell Network -- Elsa B. Kania, Defense One/Adjunct Fellow with the Technology and National Security Program at CNAS

Pentagon: US Military Logistics Systems Not Fit for Conflict With China, Russia -- Sputnik

Navy test-fires low-cost, hypersonic-speed projectiles -- UPI

Boeing delivers first KC-46, but fixes to technical problems still years away -- Defense News

New Precision Targeting on Historic .50-Cal Machine Gun Can Hit Enemy Drones -- Warrior Maven

The past decade of war has eroded the decision-making confidence of young leaders, Army general says -- Army Times

General Dynamics to upgrade 174 more Abrams tanks -- UPI

Italian company Leonardo to equip Abrams tanks with protection systems -- UPI

US forces must keep training hard in Japan, commander says after deadly midair collision -- Stars and Stripes

Report: Pentagon allowed $28B in available funds to expire -- UPI

U.S. air power and the Arctic: The importance of projecting strength in the north -- Defense News

US Navy Plans To Send More Ships Into The Arctic As It Looks To Establish New Polar Port -- Warzone/The Drive

Can the U.S. Military Build a Border Wall Even as It Struggles to Rebuild Itself? -- ProPublica

U.S. moves to speed military space upgrades -- UPI

How the U.S. Military Slowly Fell in Love with Glock -- National Interest

Our missile defense systems are no match for hypersonic weapons -- (Ret.) Maj. Gen. Howard “Dallas” Thompson, The Hill

Converting Merchant Ships to Missile Ships for the Win -- US Naval Institute

Former U.S. Marine held for spying had Russian contacts with military backgrounds -- Reuters

China successfully completes trials of S-400s, says source -- TASS

Russia to implement S-400 contract with India, senior diplomat says -- TASS

Turkey Refuses to Cancel S-400 Purchase as Precondition for US Patriot Deal -- Sputnik

Ankara won’t buy Patriot missiles with condition of dropping S-400 deal with Moscow – FM -- RT

Canada should consider its own space force: military expert -- Global News

What Canada’s Military Looks Like at the Arctic Front -- VICE News

Britain 'Combat Ready' With New Supersonic Jet Amid "Resurgent Russian Threat" -- Sputnik

Global poll: Majority believe cyberattacks likely to happen -- UPI

USS Indianapolis survivors recount harrowing battle for survival in new documentary -- Navy Times

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