Pentagon Had $28 Billion In Funds That It Did Not Spend

Business Insider/Task & Purpose: The Pentagon apparently has more money than it knows what to do with as tens of billions of dollars are getting left unspent

* The Pentagon failed to spend $27.7 billion of the $692 billion defense budget for fiscal year 2018, according to a report from the Department of Defense Inspector General.
* A proposed budget for fiscal year 2020 suggested that the department could receive as much as $750 billion, although it may be harder for the Pentagon to argue for more defense spending given its latest budget blunder.

The Pentagon failed to spend an eye-popping $27.7 billion of the funds it was allocated for fiscal year 2018 even though President Donald Trump intends to give the U.S. military even more taxpayer cash to play with next year.

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Update: Watchdog: Pentagon let nearly $28B in funds expire through 2018 (The Hill)

WNU Editor: Now we know where the money for the wall can come from.

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