Russia Working On A Longer-Range Version Of The Deadly Kalibr Cruise Missile

Business Insider: Russia is reportedly working on a longer-range version of the deadly Kalibr cruise missile its adversaries already fear

* Russian state media, citing unnamed sources, reports that Russia is developing a new long-range nuclear cruise missile — the Kalibr-M.
* While the Kalibr missiles in service only have a range of 2,000 km, the new missiles will reportedly have a range of 4,500 km — about 2,800 miles.
* Senior US defense officials have described the Kalibr missile as "very capable," noting that it has quite a range.

The Russian Navy is apparently developing a new long-range cruise missile, Russia's state-run Tass News Agency reported Tuesday, citing a source in the military-industrial complex.

The weapon in the works is reportedly the new Kalibr-M cruise missile, a ship-launched weapon able to deliver a precision strike with a conventional or nuclear warhead as far as 2,800 miles away. That's roughly three times the range of the US's Block III TLAM-C Tomahawk cruise missiles.

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Update #2: Report: Russia Developing 4500 Kilometer Kalibr-M Range Land-Attack Cruise Missile (The Diplomat)

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