Take a Tour of America's Newest Nuclear Submarine

Popular Mechanics: Come Take a Tour of America's Newest Nuclear Submarine

PCU South Dakota will join the U.S. Navy submarine force in February 2019.

The soon-to-be USS South Dakota looks brand spanking new both outside and inside in a new video posted to YouTube. The clip will take you on a guided tour of the submarine, which is the 17th Virginia-class nuclear attack submarine built for the U.S. Navy and will join the service in February.

South Dakota’s keel was laid down in April 2016 at the General Dynamic Electric Boat shipyards in Groton, Connecticut. Each Virginia-class submarine is 377 feet long with a beam of 34 feet and displaces 7,900 tons. The sub includes four 533mm torpedo tubes for launching Mk.48 anti-surface and anti-submarine torpedoes.

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WNU editor: Impressive.

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