The U.S. Military Is Not Ready For War With China Or Russia

Washington Free Beacon: Pentagon: Military Logistics System Not Ready for War With China or Russia

Defense Science Board warns military supply system 'decayed' and needs rapid upgrading

The strategic American military system for moving troops, weapons, and supplies over long distances has decayed significantly and needs rapid upgrading to be ready for any future war with China or Russia, according to a report by the Pentagon's Defense Science Board.

A special task force on survivable logistics evaluated the military's current airlift, sealift, and prepositioned equipment and supplies and found major problems with supporting forces during a "high-end" conflict.

"Since the end of the Cold War, the United States has not fought an adversary capable of the catastrophic disruption of military supply chains and deployment of personnel and materiel," an unclassified summary of the report states.

"As a result, the [joint logistics enterprise] has suffered neglect and chronic underfunding relative to other DoD priorities."

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WNU Editor: No one is ever ready for war .... especially at this level. As for being concerned about logistics .... in such a conflict I am willing to bet that nuclear weapons will be used, and it will make logistics the least of everyone's worries.

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