This Is The Week That The U.K. Will Know If Brexit Becomes A Done Deal

CNN: The UK enters a historic week with no idea how it will end

Theresa May has embarked on many crucial weeks in her two-and-a-half-year premiership, thanks to Brexit, but these coming days look set to be the most decisive yet.

"We are going to live through an extraordinary week, writing an extraordinary page of our history, and not one of us knows the words on that page, what we will be reading on that page, in seven days' time," British constitutional expert Peter Hennessy said Sunday.

The focus will be the vote in the House of Commons on Tuesday evening on the Prime Minister's Brexit deal -- nearly two months after the withdrawal agreement was struck with the European Union.

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WNU Editor: What's my take. The people spoke in a very clear referendum on what they wanted. The government should then give what the people want, and to then live with the consequences of that decision. This long and torturous route to a deal with the EU has made no one happy, and it will be defeated tomorrow. Plan B is then simple, leave with no deal, and sort the mess that comes after that.

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