U.S. Policy On Syria Is Your Classic 'No Win Situation'

A soldier loyal to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad's forces is seen in Quneitra, Syria. Omar Sanadiki/Reuters

Michael Hirsch, Foreign Policy: The problem with America's Syria policy isn't Trump. It's Syria.

* Trump's call to pull out of Syria and then wavering on his decision is not unique — Obama occassionally sounded and acted just as confused about Syria.
* This is because, for Washington, the Syrian civil war is a no-win situation.
* Backing the rebels means potentially supporting radicals who could harbor terrorists. Supporting the force capable of defeating the rebels means backing Assad.

President Donald Trump's apparent confusion about what he wants the United States to do in Syria—one week he's pulling out and the next he's not—is hardly unique.

During his entire second term, President Barack Obama occasionally sounded and acted almost as confused about Syria as his successor has.

There's a reason why two such disparate presidents have suffered this common dilemma: For Washington, the Syrian civil war is a no-win situation.

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WNU Editor: Both President Obama and President Trump have had their share of criticisms when it comes to Syria. But Syria has been a mess since the Assad family started ruling the country decades ago, and it will be a mess in the years to come. As for U.S. policy .... if there was ever a no-win situation, it is this one. On a positive note, the U.S. withdrawal has begun .... The US has started pulling out of Syria after a week of chaotic, confusing messages (Business Insider).

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