Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro Begins His Second Term As The Country Goes Into A Meltdown

Miraflores Presidential Palace. Wikimedia

The Guardian: Venezuela's neighbours turn up heat as Nicolás Maduro begins second term

The leftwing president is isolated in a region lurching to the right but despite national crisis a direct intervention is unlikely.

In a televised new year’s message to his atrophying nation, Nicolás Maduro struck an upbeat tone. “Victory awaits us! The future awaits us! And everything will be better!” Venezuela’s embattled president insisted, declaring 2019 “the year of fresh starts”.

But the sandbags and rifle-toting troops that now encircle the Miraflores presidential palace in Caracas suggest far less confidence about the days ahead, as Venezuela sinks deeper into economic ruin and political isolation and questions grow over Maduro’s future.

Hugo Chávez’s 56-year-old heir – narrowly elected after his mentor’s 2013 death and then again in disputed elections last May – will begin his second presidential term on Thursday, amid intensifying international condemnation of what critics call his illegitimate and authoritarian rule.

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WNU Editor: The above Guardian reporter is confirming what my one source in Caracas has been telling me since the last assassination attempt against Nicolás Maduro. The Miraflores presidential palace in Caracas, and the region around it, is one massive armed camp. My source is also telling me that he believes there are Cuban security officers protecting the palace. No one else has confirmed this. As for the average Venezuelan, this year is going to be a disaster .... Venezuela may reach a 10 million percent inflation rate — and 10 million refugees. Can the region handle that? (Miami Herald)

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