11,000 Syrian Democratic Forces Fighters Were Killed And 21,000 Others Wounded Fighting ISIS

A fighter of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) reacts to the camera at al-Omar oil field in Deir Al Zor, Syria March 23. REUTERS/Aboud Hamam

Task & Purpose: US-backed group in Syria says it suffered more than 11,000 killed and 21,000 wounded fighting ISIS

More than 11,000 Syrian Democratic Forces fighters were killed and 21,000 others wounded fighting ISIS, the group announced on Saturday following the group's formal liberation of ISIS' last enclave in Syria.

"On this occasion we cannot but remember those heroes and pay tribute to the memory of the martyrs and wish the urgent recovery of their wounds, without their sacrifices we would not granted this victory," the SDF statement says.

Task & Purpose was unable to independently verify the SDF's casualty figures.

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WNU Editor: No numbers released on how many ISIS fighters were killed, but I would not be surprised if that number is 3 or 4 times higher.

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