Addressing FSB Officials Russian President Putin Claims That The Activities Of 600 Foreign Spies Was Foiled

BBC: Putin: Russia foiled work of almost 600 spies

President Vladimir Putin has accused foreign intelligence services of beefing up activities in Russia, announcing that hundreds of spies were stopped in 2018 alone.

Without going into details, he said "129 staff members and 465 agents of foreign special services were foiled".

Russian spies have themselves been accused of several plots, including the poisoning of ex-agent Sergei Skripal.

Dutch, Czech and Swedish intelligence all say they have foiled attacks.

Russia has also been accused by the West of trying to interfere in elections. Without naming Russia, the president of the European Council, Donald Tusk, warned on Tuesday that "anti-European forces" might try to target EU Parliament elections in May.

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WNU Editor: 600 spies?!?!?! Makes me wonder on how many foreign spies are in Russia. On a side note. Noticed no women FSB officials in the assembly hall when President Putin made his address.

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