American Millenials Are A Special Breed

This chart illustrates the top 10 things that Millennials get stressed out about, according to a new survey by OnePoll on behalf of CBD company Endoca

Daily Mail: Dead phones and zero Instagram likes: The small headaches that have 58% of Millennials saying life is more stressful now than ever before

* One-third of Millennials believe their lives are more stressful than average
* Americans ages 22-37 cite a myriad of small problems that add up to big stress
* For example, 40% of Millennials stress out over having a dead phone battery
* Nearly 20% of Millennials said getting zero likes on a social media post would cause them more stress than having an argument with their significant other
* Their biggest source of stress (50%) is from losing a wallet or credit card

A majority (58 percent) of Millennials feel that life is more stressful now than ever before, according to a new survey.

In addition, one-third of Millennials believe their lives are more stressful than the average person's, according to the survey by OnePoll on behalf of Endoca, a CBD oil company.

For Millennials, the source of tension is typically a myriad of small stressors – phone batteries dying, being stuck in traffic or long waits for appointments – that add up to big anxiety over time, according to the survey of 2,000 Americans ages 22-37.

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WNU Editor: When I was in my early 20s, my biggest worries were .... doing well in school, getting a good job, pleasing my parents, finding that special someone who would be with me for the rest of my life, and living in a good home. Other worries were nuclear war, economic hard times, and political turmoil. Aside from showing up late for work, I cannot relate to what American Millenials are thinking about today. As to Millenials in Russia, I think they share some of the same worries that Americans are concerned about. But political, national security, and economic worries would be in their top ten.

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