Amnesty International Says U.S. Airstrikes In Somalia Are Killing Civilians

US strikes, which included missiles fired by manned aircraft as well as drones, targeted Somalia's Al-Qaeda linked insurgents, Al-Shabaab AFP/Isaac Brekken

CNN: Amnesty International accuses US of causing civilian deaths in Somalia

Amnesty International accused the US military on Tuesday of causing civilian casualties in a series of airstrikes in Somalia in 2017 and 2018, claims the US military denies.

The strikes in question came after President Donald Trump eased restrictions on the use of airpower in the East African nation.

US Africa Command, which oversees US military operations on the continent, firmly rejected the allegations, saying it has made efforts to ensure the safety of civilians and that it had reviewed the allegations and found no evidence to support them.

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WNU Editor: The Amnesty International report is here .... The New US War in Somalia (Amnesty International)

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