British PM May Requests Three-Month Extension On Brexit

Daily Mail: Brexit in three months or I could QUIT: May tells MPs she won't delay leaving the EU beyond June 30 as she reveals letter asking for a short extension to hold another vote on her deal

* Theresa May will beg EU for a three-month delay - but Juncker says she may have to pass her deal to get one
* Cabinet is split with Brexiteers hoping for No Deal and Remainers accusing her of 'caving-in' to Eurosceptics
* Prime Minister travels to Brussels tomorrow to seek short extension to Article 50 beyond March 29
* Mrs May hopes she can return to the Commons next week with a substantial change to withdrawal agreement
* PM has told ministers she will be asking for a clause which could allow for withdrawal by June 30
* Juncker signals that May must win vote on her deal before a delay to Brexit is granted at emergency summit
* Labour push for emergency debate as Bercow prepares to intervene again days after blocking third vote
* Brexiteers say Britain must leave before June's EU elections and party certain to be hit in May local elections

Theresa May today confirmed she has asked the EU if Britain can stay until June 30 - and hinted strongly that if the UK has not left the bloc after that three-month extension she will quit No 10.

The Prime Minister also confirmed she will bring back her ailing deal for a third time 'as soon as possible' - hours after Jean-Claude Juncker suggested that they would not grant an Article 50 extension unless she gets it through Parliament before March 29.

Mrs May told the Commons today that Britain is 'fed up' of waiting to leave the EU and said it would be 'quite wrong' if the public is asked to vote in the June European election three years after they voted to leave the bloc.

Hinting any further delay would lead to her resignation she twice told the Commons: 'I am not prepared as Prime Minister to delay Brexit any further than June 30'.

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WNU Editor: This 3 month delay makes sense. After-all she has vowed to leave the PM's job after June 30 if a deal is not reached .... Brexit: Theresa May vows not to delay departure beyond June (BBC). My prediction .... her deal will not past, and there is a very good chance that she will leave Brexit to her successor. As to who will be successor? That is going to shape up to be a very interesting contest. But should she break her promise and decide stay beyond her promised departure date, it will fracture the Conservative Party. Also .... if someone like Boris Johnson is elected it will also result in a fracture of the Conservative Party. What a mess.

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