Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Gives News Conference Amid Growing Political Scandal

FOX News/AP: Justin Trudeau denies wrongdoing, refuses to apologize in rare address of corruption scandal threatening his political life

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Thursday addressed for the first time the corruption scandal that threatens to bring down his administration, saying there was a breakdown in trust and communication with his former justice minister – but he stopped short of an apology.

“I was not aware of that erosion of trust, and as prime minister and head of cabinet, I should have been,” Trudeau said during a news conference in Ottawa. “Ultimately, I believe our government will be stronger for having wrestled with these issues.”

This was the first time Trudeau addressed the brewing scandal and allegations that he and his administration pressured Jody Wilson-Raybould to not to take action against a powerful Canadian engineering company in a case involving allegations of corruption in Libya.

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WNU Editor: In a nutshell. The Prime Minister is basically calling his former cabinet minister who is accusing him of interfering in a criminal case a liar. The problem for the Prime Minister is that most Canadians believe the former minister, and not him. So what is my take. When his former minister testified, she had detailed notes, records of emails and phone calls, and witnesses who could back her up. She was and is a very credible witness, but who is still under legal restrictions on what she can talk about. On the opposite side. Not much detail, but a lot of denials or admissions that they do not remember. And as for this morning's news conference. There was suppose to be a 'contrition statement' from the Prime Minister, but there was no real contrition. What I saw was someone who looked very stubborn and uncompromising. And while that approach may work for other leaders in other countries, Canadians are different breed. They/I do not like to see that.

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