China Approves New Foreign Investment Law To Assist Foreign Investors

CNN: China says it will now treat American companies more fairly. They're not convinced

China claims it's about to create a level playing field for international companies, but many of them are still wary of expanding their presence in the world's second largest economy.

Beijing has promised that a new foreign investment law will introduce measures to better protect overseas companies operating in China. It says the law, which was passed Friday, includes better safeguards for intellectual property and an end to the practice of forcing international firms to hand over critical technology to their Chinese partners.

China's treatment of foreign companies has become a flashpoint in the country's trade dispute with the United States. China's growing economy has become a huge market for top US companies like General Motors (GM), Boeing (BA) and Apple (AAPL).

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WNU Editor: I have seen this game played by China many times before in the past .... China Investment Law Fails to Deliver, Raises Concerns (VOA). They make a bold announcement, but there is no teeth to enforce their revised laws and regulations, and no penalties if there is noncompliance.

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