China's Chief Of Submarine Research Arrested Because He ‘Obtained Canadian Nationality’

Bu Jianjie (pictured), the head of the 718 Research Institute under the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) has been expelled from the Communist Party and is facing trial

National Post: China arrests its chief of submarine research because he ‘obtained Canadian nationality’

'As a leading party cadre, Bu Jianjie lost his ideals and beliefs, (and) succumbed to greed,' the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection says.

Adding another strange wrinkle to Canada-China relations, a Chinese official who oversaw research on his country’s burgeoning naval-submarine fleet has been placed under arrest in China and accused of illegally obtaining Canadian citizenship.

Bu Jianjie, who reportedly spent time as a visiting scholar at two Ontario universities in the mid-1990s, has also been charged with various corruption-related crimes and expelled from the Communist party.

The Canadian citizenship accusation stems from China’s ban on holding dual nationalities. Despite being a scientist with access to naval-defence technology and apparent citizenship from a Western country, however, authorities have not charged him with spying.

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WNU Editor: This story was first reported 3 months ago .... Head of Chinese shipbuilding firm is punished for 'illegally acquiring Canadian citizenship' amid escalating tensions between Beijing and Ottawa over the arrest of Huawei executive (Daily Mail).

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