Civilians Are Embracing Military Fashion

Troy Patterson, The New Yorker: From Grunt Style to “Warcore,” Civilians Are Embracing Military Fashion

Last week, a strange shard of fashion marketing pierced many thousands of bubbles, after Nate Bethea, a journalist and U.S. Army veteran, excavated a thirty-second ad for Grunt Style, a clothing brand pitched at soldiers, sailors, and Marines. The year-old spot—which, embedded in Bethea’s tweet, has racked up almost seven hundred thousand views, at this writing—opens with a police officer in riot gear facing a mob of protestors whose signs rage with vaguely anti-hegemonic feeling. The cop is offended by their hoisting of inverted American flags, and he is triggered by the threat that Old Glory will burn.

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WNU Editor: I have always found military clothes to be comfortable to wear around the house. Making it to look fashionable is something new.

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