Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials -- March 6, 2019

The People's Republic of China flag and the U.S. Stars and Stripes fly along Pennsylvania Avenue near the U.S. Capitol in Washington during Chinese President Hu Jintao's state visit, January 18, 2011. Credit: Reuters/Hyungwon Kang

Hugh White, SCMP: Can the US win the new cold war with China? Not without risking a nuclear war

* America is using flimsy means to confront the strongest adversary it has ever faced, and needs to ask itself if it is willing to fight a hot war to maintain its position in Asia

Declaring a new cold war

against China is easy, but working out how to fight it and win it is much harder. While almost everyone in Washington these days seems to agree that resisting China’s seemingly insatiable ambition is now America’s highest strategic priority, the nature and scale of the task is still enveloped in uncertainty.

No one seems too worried about this, however, because they assume that a new cold war with China is going to be easy to win.

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Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials -- March 6, 2019

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