Crisis On The U.S. Border: Migrants Stack Up Along The Rio Grande

Dallas News: Trump’s border emergency becomes more real by the day as migrants stack up along the Rio Grande

EL PASO - They came in pairs, by the dozens, hundreds. In one group, as many as 400 migrants crossed the border here in a single, massive group.

Many are families. And some would soon sleep for the first time on U.S. soil -- but out in the open, under the stars because federal agents are having a difficult time processing them and getting them to shelter.

“What’s we’re seeing is something I haven’t seen in at least 10 years,” said Joe Romero, a veteran U.S. Border Patrol agent. And yet, when asked whether he was witnessing an emergency on the border, Romero paused and kept his eyes on the road. He and his partner drove slowly Wednesday in the shadow of a fence, long stretches of it lined with migrants waiting to be transported to begin the process of seeking asylum. The migrants stood restless, exhausted, most with children, stuck between the Rio Grande where the U.S. begins and a fence that runs along the river yards away from it, designed to keep them out.

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WNU Editor: I have mentioned it before, but the current border crisis is going to pale to what is now coming .... Gallop Poll: 42 Million Latin Americans Say They Want To Move To The U.S. (February 11, 2019).

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