Critical U.S. Air Force Base In Nebraska Is Flooding

Warzone/The Drive: Home Of Strategic Command And Some Of The USAF's Most Prized Aircraft Is Flooding (Updated)

Offutt Air Force Base is succumbing to the massively swollen Missouri River and things could get worse before they get better.

The home to America's prized RC-135 "Rivet Joint" strategic reconnaissance and E-4B "Nightwatch" Advanced Airborne Command Post aircraft, as well as others, and the headquarters of U.S. Strategic Command (STRATCOM), is flooding with water from a swollen Missouri River.

Offutt Air Force Base sits near Omaha, Nebraska and is considered one of the most critical installations in the U.S. Air Force's portfolio. Not only does it house extremely high-value, but low density reconnaissance and command and control aircraft—massively expensive platforms that are essential to national security—but it is also the beating heart of STRATCOM that oversees America's strategic nuclear forces. In fact, a brand new command bunker, buried underground at the base, was just opened in January—which sounds far less than ideal considering water is now nearly covering the end of the base's runway.

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Update #1: One-third of Offutt underwater; at least 30 buildings damaged in flood (Omaha World-Herald)
Update #2: Nebraska's Offutt Air Force Base Inundated by Flood Waters; Runway Closed; 60 Buildings Damaged (Weather Channel)

WNU Editor: This looks bad. Really bad.

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