Did India Fabricate Its Reported 'Successful' Attack On A Terror Camp In Pakistan Last Week?

A satellite image shows a madrasa near Balakot, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Pakistan, March 4, 2019. Picture taken March 4, 2019. Mandatory credit: Planet Labs Inc./Handout via REUTERS

Zero Hedge: Satellite Images Suggest India Fabricated "Successful" Attack On Terror Camp

As sporadic skirmishes across the heavily militarized line of control, which separates Indian-controlled Kashmir from Pakistani Kashmir, have continued this week with casualties reported on both sides, an information war has been raging between the nuclear armed powers over just what happened during last Tuesday and Wednesday's events which saw an Indian MiG-21 shot down by Pakistani fighters after an intense dogfight, precipitating a crisis over the captured pilot, later handed back to India.

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Update: Satellite images show buildings still standing at Indian bombing site (Reuters).

WNU Editor: It looks like they did.

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