E.U. Approves Brexit Extension Till April 12

ABC News Online: Brexit delay approved by EU, conditional on Westminster's support for Theresa May's deal

All 27 European Union leaders have signed off on a final communique, issued on Thursday, outlining two options for Brexit that safeguard its own elections for a European Parliament.

The first option will grant Westminster an extension of Brexit to May 22 if the House of Commons passes British Prime Minister Theresa May's deal next week.

Otherwise, Britain would be given until April 12 to inform the bloc whether it will participate in European Parliament elections from May 23 – 26.

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WNU Editor: She does not have the votes. And not surprising the focus is now shifting to when will she keep her promise to leave .... Theresa May facing intense pressure to name a date for her resignation as Tories slam her Brexit attack on Parliament (The SUN). As of now, in my opinion it is either going to be a "hard Brexit", or a manoeuvre will be found to disregard the Brexit referendum results, and shelve the entire process indefinitely.

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