EU To Spend €525m For Military Projects But Illegal Tech Is Barred

The EU is set for a €13bn European Defence Fund in 2021. (Photo: NATO)

EU Observer: EU rolls out €525m for military projects, but bars illegal tech

The European Commission on Tuesday (19 March) announced hundreds of millions of EU funds for joint defence industrial projects - but promised that anything prohibited by international law would not be funded.

"Before this commission, the EU budget devoted to defence cooperation was zero," European commission vice-president Jyrki Katainen told reporters in Brussels.

His statement follows announcements of €525m of EU money earmarked for a whole range of military defence projects covering things like "counter-drone systems", "space situational awareness", "ground-based precision strike capabilities", "cyber technologies", and others.

The bulk of the money will go towards some 21 projects.

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WNU Editor: I would like to know what illegal tech is being barred.

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