Foreign ISIS Women Are Isolated For Assaulting 'Infidel' Refugees At The al-Hol Dispalcement Camp In North-East Syria

A woman looks through a chain linked fence at al-Hol displacement camp in Hasaka governorate. Foreign ISIS women at the camp have been attacking other women for not complying with the so-called caliphate's laws

Daily Mail: 'They say we are infidels for showing our faces': Refugee women are attacked by ISIS brides at Syrian camp for failing to follow caliphate's doctrine

* As ISIS nears defeat women and children have fled to al-Hol displacement camp
* But foreign jihadis have been fenced off from Syrians and Iraqis by camp guards
* They threw stones at other occupants and even their children have made threats
* Countries must decide what to do with returning fighters still loyal to ISIS
* There are 62,000 people living at al-Hol - far over capacity and supplies are low

Foreign ISIS women have tried to assault others they deem 'infidels' for defying the caliphate at the camp where they are being held in northeast Syria - even as the jihadists are facing territorial defeat.

'They yell at us that we are infidels for showing our faces,' said a Syrian woman at al-Hol camp, where women and children were transferred from the ISIS final bastion in eastern Syria. 'They tried to hit us.'

'The foreigners throw stones. They swear at the Syrians or Iraqis and at the camp officials. Even the kids make threats,' said a security official at the camp.

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WNU Editor: 62,000 in this one displacement camp with little food and water. 90% of the population being women and children. Can anyone say humanitarian disaster.

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