Growing Unrest In Gaza Over Hamas Rule

Participants in the demonstrations in Gaza, March 15, 2019.

Haaretz: Hamas Detains Hundreds After Violently Suppressing Gaza's ‘Revolt of the Hungry’

Young Palestinians took to the streets despite violence, intimidation and Israeli attacks, to protest the dire economic situation. Hamas blames the PA for harming ‘resistance to the occupation’.

Hamas security forces in the Gaza Strip violently suppressed demonstrations by hundreds of Palestinians who took to the streets across the Strip on Thursday and Friday, protesting the deteriorating economic situation under its rule. An independent Palestinian source estimates that some 500 people were held in detention on Saturday evening, after some detainees had been released.

Demonstrations were dispersed with live fire into the air, clubs, metal rods and pepper spray, Palestinian human rights organizations said. They reported journalists, some of whom were beaten and detained, were forbidden from documenting the demonstrations and had their phones confiscated, but some women watching the demonstrations from their homes documented the events.

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