India Boasts That It Has Successfully Tested An Anti-Satellite Weapon

A salesman watches Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing to the nation, on TV screens inside a showroom in Mumbai, India, March 27, 2019. REUTERS/Francis Mascarenhas

Business Insider: India enters an elite space club after scientists shoot down a low orbit satellite 300 km away in space, says Prime Minister Modi

* Indian scientists have shot down a low orbit satellite 300 km away in space, according to Prime Minister Modi.
* India is the fourth country to wield anti-satellite technology after the US, Russia, and China.
* The technology will be used only for security, peace, and development, Modi reassured, adding that no international covenant had been broken.

According to a televised address by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the country's scientists have just shot down a low-orbit satellite 300 kilometers away in space.

"Just a few minutes ago, our scientists shot down a live satellite on the LEO (Low Earth Orbit)," he said, without clarifying which country the satellite shot down belonged to. "They achieved it in just three minutes."

The anti-satellite missiles were developed in India. Modi went on to reassure the international community that India would only be using the new system for its own security and development, and that no international covenant was broken.

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