Indian Intelligence: Large Number Of Chinese Troops Are In Pakistan

Image: Pakistan - Sindh - Tharparkar district (Wikipedia).

Zee News: China deploys troops in Sindh, just 90 km away from Indo-Pak border

The CPEC project is around three thousand kilometer long and Pakistan has already deployed 17,000 of its troops for the security of CPEC.

According to a report of Indian intelligence agencies, China has deployed its troops in Sindh region of Pakistan to protect the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

The report noted that China has deployed the troops of People Liberation Army (PLA) for the security of coal mines in Sindh's Thar region. Located in Tharparkar district of Pakistan, Thar region is only 90 kilometers away from Indo-Pak border. Several Chinese projects are going on in Sindh and most of these projects are facing stiff resistance from local people. It seems that China has decided to deploy its troops for securing the CPEC fearing such protests.

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Update: China Deploys Troops Near India-Pak Border to Safeguard CPEC Projects - Reports (Sputnik)

WNU Editor: Apparently the reason for this Chinese military deployment is due to unrest from Pakistani locals to a Chinese development project associated to CPEC, and the inability of Pakistan's security forces to provide protection. If this report is true, this will be the first time that I know of where Pakistan has permitted a large contingent of foreign military forces to be deployed inside their own country to protect an economic project.

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