Indonesia Begins Installation of Millennium Gun, VL MICA on Lead Martadinata Frigate

08 Februari 2019

Indonesia’s first Martadinata-class frigate is being equipped with close-range air defence capabilities. Installation of these weapons on both vessels is expected to complete this year (photo : military buzz)

Indonesian state-owned shipbuilder PT PAL has begun installing the Rheinmetall Oerlikon 35 mm Millennium Gun and the VL MICA air defence missile system on the country’s lead Martadinata (SIGMA 10514)-class guided-missile frigate.

MM-40 Exocet installation works on KRI Martadinata 331 (photo : IMF)

An image of the installation works forwarded to Jane’s by an industry source in Surabaya on 8 March shows the vessel is berthed at PT PAL’s dock in Semarang, with scaffoldings erected in its forward section. The Millennium Gun is being fitted on a pedestal just ahead of the ship’s bridge, while the 12-cell VL MICA system is located just behind its main gun.


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