Is Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau Facing Defeat At The Polls When Canadians Vote Later this Year?

Michael Bociurkiw, CNN: Why Trudeau's 'Lav-Scam' scandal is snowballing in Canada

"Because it's 2015 ..." Most Canadians will recognize that statement as Justin Trudeau's simple explanation for the diversity and historic gender balance of his cabinet, sworn in November 2015 after the Liberal Party's landslide victory in the federal election.

Trudeau's gender parity move in the cabinet firmly placed the former high school teacher as the country's feminist prime minister, and on the global stage, Trudeau was a breath of fresh air, fit-for-purpose in the age of selfies, #MeToo, and squeaky clean politics. Many were entranced by his physical appearance, compassionate demeanor and seemingly insatiable appetite for photos with fans: Vanity Fair called him "the shining beacon of liberalism in North America," and images of world leaders and celebrities appearing to swoon in his presence became the internet meme "Prime Minister Steal-Your-Girl."

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WNU Editor: Prime Minister Trudeau was in trouble before this story broke out, and what has happened in the past month has only made it worse. He has damaged his "brand of ethics and doing government differently" to his loyal supporters, while deeply dividing his political party. Another problem for Prime Minister Trudeau is that he is trying to spin a story contrary to a view point that most Canadians have which is that he tried to interfere in a criminal case. Bottom line .... there is no appetite in Canada to see senior officials in government trying to influence a criminal court case in favour of a company with close ties to them. But that is what they tried to do, and according to some, are still trying to do it. The Prime Minister is also not making the case to his supporters, and worse, putting them in the awkward position of defending a view that many of them do not want to be associated with. This is not how you resolve a crisis, and worse, this is not you treat your base of support. So what is the future? Canadians go to the polls in October, and I do not see a road path for Prime Minister Trudeau to get enough votes to be re-elected Prime Minister. My prediction. Unless Prime Minister Trudeau gets his act together and/or the opposition parties implode because they are incompetent, I can easily see a conservative minority and/or slight Conservative majority government running the government at the end of this year.

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