Is A Hostile Government Targeting U.S. Diplomats With A Device That Leaves Severe Brain Trauma

The U.S. Embassy in Havana, now all but closed

60 Minutes CBS News: Brain trauma suffered by U.S. diplomats abroad could be work of hostile foreign government

Since 2016, dozens of American officials have come home from Cuba and China with unexplained brain trauma. Evidence shows it may be the work of another government using a weapon that leaves no trace

In 2016 and '17, 25 Americans, including CIA agents, who worked in the U.S. Embassy in Cuba suffered serious brain injuries causing impaired vision and memory loss among other persistent symptoms. Now, we've learned that at least 15 American officials in China suffered unexplained brain trauma soon after. The FBI is now investigating whether these Americans were attacked by a mysterious weapon that leaves no trace. Over many months we have been collecting evidence of what appears to be a hostile foreign government's plan to target americans serving abroad and their families.

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WNU Editor: Canadian diplomats have also been affected .... Canadian Diplomats Sue Their Own Government Over Injuries Suffered In Cuba (February 7, 2019). What's my take. Considering the number of diplomats and their families that have been impacted, and the countries where they were stationed, this smells to me of an intel operation gone wrong done in both Cuba and in China. Both countries are authoritarian regimes, nothing happens in these two countries without their intelligence community knowing about it.  As to who is responsible for it? My gut tells me .... and it is just a gut feeling with no evidence .... that in one of these two countries a device was developed to conduct surveillance, and the other country learned about it and took it for their own surveillance operation.

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