Is North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un Planning A Trip To Russia?

Newsweek: Kim Jong Un Plans Trip to Russia After Meeting With Donald Trump Falls Apart

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un may soon make an official visit to Russia, a Russian official who recently led a government delegation to North Korea, announced on Monday.

Oleg Melnichenko said Russia had formally invited Kim to visit Moscow last year and that the invitation was still being considered. “To date, I think that everything remains in the consultations mode. This issue was not specially discussed during our visit, but it will likely happen in the near future," he told reporters on Monday, shortly after his return to Russia from North Korea.

Russia sent a delegation to North Korea less than one month after President Donald Trump’s landmark meeting with Kim in Vietnam fell apart without a deal on North Korea’s denuclearization. Russian state television highlighted the lack of results that came out of that meeting, and Russian officials have since been moving to cement their ties with the rogue nation.

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WNU Editor: The Kremlin is saying that he will be coming .... one day. What's my take. I do not see a trip happening in the near future.

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