Is North Korea’s Restored Rocket Site A Reason To Worry?

Alex Ward, VOX: Why North Korea’s restored rocket site isn’t cause for worry — yet

“Little Rocket Man” may be living up to his Trump-given nickname.

North Korea is rebuilding a satellite launch site it promised to entirely dismantle, and may have increased activity at a major missile factory — both actions that are likely meant to be warning signs to the United States and South Korea.

Should these moves be a precursor to even more aggressive actions by Pyongyang, or anger President Donald Trump, then the US and North Korea could end up moving away from diplomacy and back on the path to war.

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WNU Editor: The above post gives a good explanation on why we should not be worried on what is happening at this North Korean missile site. What's my take. If it only involves maintaining the place, fixing what needs to be fixed, etc. .... I say big deal. But if it involves more than that, it sends a terrible message to those who are hoping that North Korea is serious about denuclearization. And while I do not believe President Trump will not be politically damaged if North Korea resumes missile tests (he tried but it did not work out), it will be politically devastating to South Korean President Moon who banked all of his political capital to enter into talks with the North Korean leader. My hope is that Kim Jong-un knows that, and he will not risk undermining a South Korean leader who is serious in establishing better ties with his government, and to back it with major aid and concessions. But North Korea is North Korea .... anything is possible.

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