Is Pakistan Serious In Its Vow To Crack-Down On Extremist Groups

The Guardian: Pakistan launches major crackdown on extremist groups

Authorities make arrests and seize assets linked to militants in response to Kashmir attack.

Pakistan has launched a crackdown on jihadist groups that it claims is more resolute than those of previous governments, who felt “no urgency” to fight organisations that were targeting India, a senior minister has said.

More than 120 people have been taken into administrative detention and at least 200 schools, seminaries and hospitals have been seized by the government this week as part of a campaign against banned Islamist organisations.

The arrests and asset seizures, the most sweeping in years, targeted Islamic schools and charities considered fronts for United Nations-blacklisted militant groups that have operated with near impunity in the country.

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Update #1: PM Khan says no militants will be allowed to attack from Pakistani soil (Reuters)
Update #2: Pakistan Seizes 400 Facilities Run by Banned Extremist Groups (VOA)

WNU Editor: This crack-down is not going to be easy. These militants have wide support .... Popular support for militants complicates Pakistan crackdown (FOX News). Also the New York times is right about this .... Pakistan never seriously cracked down on terrorist groups that attack India: New York Times (Times of India).

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