Is The U.S. Aircraft Carrier And Amphibious Fleets Obsolete?

Image: U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Jake Greenberg

Noel Williams, War On The Rocks: Samson the Carrier and Goliath the Amphib: Twin Giants of a Compromised Fleet Architecture

The aircraft carrier fleet and the amphibious fleet are typically viewed as polar opposites: the fast nuclear carrier projecting strike aircraft from the deep blue on one side, and the plodding but versatile amphibious ship projecting Marine infantry in the littoral on the other. Despite obvious dissimilarities in speed, payload, and function, they both share a critically important place in the overall fleet architecture — they are both unaffordable anachronisms of a bygone era. The Navy does not have nor will it ever have (barring large-scale conflict) the resources to produce adequate numbers of relevant platforms while also maintaining its commitment to the super carrier and the amphibious fleet as currently designed.

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