Islamic State Fighters Still Hold Onto Their Last Scrap Of Territory As U.S.-Backed Fighters Prepare To Launch Their Final Attack

Daily Mail: From caliphate to car park: ISIS fighters hunker down in makeshift camp beside battered vehicles on their last scrap of territory as US-backed fighters prepare to move in

* ISIS fighters hunker down in a patch of waste ground surrounded by battered pick-up trucks, cars and tents
* US-backed forces have forced the militants into the last scrap of land as they are pushed out of the 'caliphate'
* Trapped militants camped alongside a sea of small pickup trucks and caravans scattered across a riverbank
* Families gathered in cluster of vehicles and tents on water's edge as they were cornered on last piece of land
* Head of US Central Command, warned many of those evacuating are 'unrepentant, unbroken and radicalised'

ISIS fighters hunkered down in a riverside camp surrounded by battered vehicles and makeshift tents in eastern Syria today as US-backed forces pushed to expel the militants from the last scrap of their dying 'caliphate'.

Thousands of men and women have poured out of the pocket of territory in the village of Baghouz near the Iraqi border in recent days, their wounded, and dust-covered children, in tow.

The extremist group created a proto-state across large parts of Syria and Iraq in 2014, ruling millions of people, but has since lost all of it except a tiny patch in Baghouz by the Euphrates River.

The last IS fighters and their families were cornered on Friday among a dense gathering of vehicles and tents on the water's edge, caught between advancing US-backed forces and Syrian regime fighters across the river.

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WNU Editor: They may have been defeated, but this radical ideology lives on .... To the bitter end, IS militants remain organized and brutal (AP). More here .... 'Blood up to your knees': defeated IS jihadists still defiant (AFP)

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