Kremlin Wants To Reset Ties With The U.S. After Mueller Report

DW: Russia sees 'chance to reset US relations' after Mueller probe

The Kremlin has rejected claims found in Robert Mueller's probe that it interfered in US elections. But that hasn't stopped some officials from urging the US to turn a new page in relations between Moscow and Washington.

Russia's Foreign Ministry on Monday said the findings of US special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation should prompt White House officials to exonerate Moscow of attempting to influence the 2016 presidential elections.

"We hope that Washington will in the course of time pluck up its courage and officially confess that not only was there no 'conspiracy' but that all insinuations about Russia's interference into the US presidential elections are a groundless vicious defamation created to be used in the internal political struggle in the US," the ministry said in a statement.

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WNU Editor: There is going to be no U.S. - Russia reset is the foreseeable future. The Mueller report's conclusion that there was no collusion has not lowered the tensions and animosities in Washington. On the contrary, it has made the Democrats and anti-Trumpers even more determined to prove that there was/is collusion between President Trump and Russia. The fact that most Americans still believe there was collusion, will make any step towards reconciliation and better relations impossible.

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