Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- March 26, 2019

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Luke O'Brien, Modern War Institute: Let’s Get Some Things Straight About Nuclear Weapons

With the second US-North Korea summit having come and gone with no discernible sign of Pyongyang’s willingness to denuclearize, the topic of nuclear weapons remains at the forefront of discussions in national security and defense policy circles. And yet these discussions routinely treat nuclear weapons as a monolithic category of unthinkably destructive power, rather than acknowledging the graduated scale that extends all the way down to the tactical level. Even the Army’s institutional knowledge on the topic has drastically—and dangerously—eroded.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- March 26, 2019

Pentagon: 'Milestone' ICBM missile intercept test a success -- The Hill

Homeland missile defense system takes out ICBM threat in historic salvo test -- Defense News

Will Hypersonics Finally Force the Pentagon to Integrate Kinetic and Non-Kinetic Defenses? -- Defense One

Raytheon to update Advanced Synthentic Aperture Radar for U-2 Dragon Lady -- UPI

Rocket Lab Scrubs Launch of Experimental DARPA Military Satellite -- Space News

Additional F-35As, KC-46s Wanted in New Unfunded Priorities List -- Air Force Magazine

Navy Unveils $3.2B Unfunded List: 2 F-35s, New Laser & More Precision Strike -- Breaking Defense

Where in the world is the Zumwalt today? -- Navy Times/AP

How the Navy got to be 6K sailors short at sea -- Navy Times

The U.S. Military is Mounting a Giant Laser Cannon on a Destroyer -- Futurism

How the US Army cut programs to boost lethality -- Defense News

US Military Power Depends on This Fastest-Growing Defense Stock -- Forbes

Memo: Pentagon delivers reprogramming request, seeks supplement for $9 billion hurricane damage -- Defense News

Sec. Wilson: Air Force will rebuild flooded Offutt, make it ‘even better than it was’ -- Air Force Times

Pentagon notifies Congress $1 billion authorized to begin new wall construction -- CNN

Pentagon to Defend Projects Targeted by Trump Border Project -- US News and World Report/AP

US approves $3.8 billion F-16 sale to Morocco -- AFP

AFRICOM to Respond to Cyclone Disaster in Mozambique --

Colombian Air Force tanker refuels U.S. Air Force Growlers at Red Flag -- UPI

US Consulate worker spy trial begins in Turkey -- DW

The United States Army in Europe: Roadblock, Speedbump, or Something Else Entirely? -- Sam Canter, RCD

Britain to buy Wedgetail aircraft in nearly $2 billion deal -- Defense News

German export policies threaten European defense projects: French ambassador -- DW

EU military wants to partner with Canada in Mali as it races for exit -- CTV News

Russia Will Deploy New Missiles to Defend Arctic, Admiral Says -- Moscow Times

Get Ready, NATO: Russian Air Force Tu-22M3 Backfire Bombers are in Crimea -- National Interest

Russia’s nuclear-armed underwater drone may be ready for war in eight years -- CNBC

Russian military to receive first Su-57 stealth fighters in 2020 -- Defense Blog

Brazil Isn’t Ready for Trump’s Invitation to NATO -- James Stavridis, Bloomberg

The Portuguese army is ditching the G3 and getting a US spec ops-inspired rifle -- Military Times

Indian snipers will be using these two new rifles to guard their border with Pakistan -- Military Times

Wanna be the next Chuck Yeager? Here’s the deadline for applying to test pilot school -- Air Force Times

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