Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- March 8, 2019

Reuters: Turkey and U.S. head for showdown over missile contracts

ANKARA (Reuters) - Turkey is running out of time to avert a showdown with the United States over its plans to buy advanced Russian air defenses and spurn a counter-offer from its NATO partner, raising the chance of U.S. sanctions against Ankara.

The last diplomatic crisis between the two countries contributed to driving the lira to a record low in August. Disputes over strategy in Syria, Iran sanctions and the detention of U.S. consular staff remain unresolved, and the issue of missile defense threatens to widen the rift again.

This week, despite the Central Bank maintaining interest rates well above inflation, Turkey’s currency has fallen 1.5 percent - largely due to renewed concerns over relations with Washington, traders say.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- March 8, 2019

Turkey's president says it won't back down from buying Russia's S-400 and that it may even buy the S-500 -- Business Insider/Reuters

Turkey to start deploying Russian S-400 missile systems in October -- TASS

Mapping the Turkish Military's Expanding Footprint -- Washington Post

One of the Navy planes used to communicate if there's a nuclear war had to land in Oklahoma after a fire on board -- Business Insider/The Aviationist

Super Eagle: Why Boeing's F-15X Should Make F-35 Fans Really Nervous. Or not? -- National Interest/Task and Purpose

The Marine Corps is deactivating its oldest electronic-warfare aircraft — here are 5 impressive facts about the EA-6B Prowler -- Business Insider/We Are The Mighty

The Army's new body armor and combat helmet are here. Here's who will get them first -- Task & Purpose

US Army's new helmets and body armor will make soldiers lighter, faster, and even harder to kill -- Business Insider

The Marine Corps wants to equip armored recon units with long-range precision fires -- Task & Purpose/

The Marine Corps’ Much-Hyped M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle: A Total Dud? -- National Interest/Task & Purpose

‘Rotting’ ships and aging tankers could compromise the military’s ability to get to the fight, lawmakers warn -- Stars and Stripes

Second weapons elevator completed on USS Gerald R. Ford -- UPI

Philip Davidson, the top US officer in Asia, warns Beijing’s military activity in South China Sea is ‘not reducing in any sense of the word’ -- SCMP/AP/Bloomberg

South Korea, US sign deal on Seoul paying more for US military -- USA Today/AP

US soldiers wish for masks as air pollution smothers South Korea -- Stars and Stripes

Where’s the final report? Lawmaker grills Pentagon officials on who’s being held accountable for Niger ambush -- Military Times

Trump administration asks Pentagon to house up to 5,000 migrant children -- The Hill

African terrorist groups ‘aren’t necessarily a threat to the homeland,’ AFRICOM leader says -- Military Times

Will US Military Complete Planned Troop Cuts in Africa? -- VOA

Army vet awarded Distinguished Service Cross for bravery in one of the deadliest firefights of the Afghan war -- Dan Browning, Task & Purpose/Star Tribune

Early retirement for aircraft carriers is weapons-grade stupidity -- Harold Hutchison, Washington Examiner

Legal storm clouds gather over Diego Garcia -- Asia Times

NATO Expansion Got Some Big Things Right -- Mike Sweeney, War On The Rocks

US spy drone base ‘fully operational’ in Poland, but NATO bemoans ‘Russian’ military build-up -- RT

NATO Chief Rules Out Nuclear Missile Deployment to Europe -- Sputnik

Russia Warns Europe Not to Accept U.S. Missiles: 'If You Don't Want Problems on Your Side, Don't Create Them for Us' -- Newsweek

Russia, Turkey Conduct Joint Naval Drills in Black Sea – Defence Ministry -- Sputnik

Turkish warships leave Novorossiysk naval base after joint drills with Russian Navy -- TASS

Turkey is building a new attack helo. Here are the weapons that will arm it. -- Defense News

Iran's Navy Thwarts Pirate Attack Targeting Oil Tanker - Reports -- Sputnik

Indian MiG-21 Bison Crashes Near Pakistani Border -- Sputnik

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