More Details Emerge On China's Mass Surveillance System

Chinese law requires internet cafes to record the identities and 'relevant' online activity of users, and provide them to the public security bureau on request

Daily Mail: Inside China's mass surveillance system: Chat log leak of over 360 MILLION records reveals 'shocking' amount of personal data government collects from citizens

* Database discovered by Dutch security researcher contains about 364m records
* Shows info linked to online accounts, including GPS location, file transfers, chats
* Chinese law requires internet cafes to record identities 'relevant' online activity

A leak of around 364 million online records in a Chinese database, including private messages and ID numbers, has again highlighted the size and scope of Beijing's mass surveillance system.

The files show a wealth of information linked to online accounts, including GPS locations, file transfers, and chat logs, according to the database discovered by Victor Gevers, a security researcher at Dutch non-profit GDI Foundation.

The data collection appears indiscriminate -- some conversations are simply banter between teenagers, like one commenting on someone's weight and clothing size.

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WNU Editor: I did a post on China's mass surveillance system last month .... Data Leak Exposes Vast Hi-Tech Chnese Surveillance Operation In Xinjiang (February 18, 2019). Here is a good article on how extensive China's surveillance operation is throughout the country .... Leave no dark corner (ABC News Online).

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