More Details Emerge On How Venezuela's Oil Capital And Second Largest City Was Ransacked When The Power Went Out

A manager walks by the debris at the Centro 99 supermarket in Maracaibo, Zulia on March 14. Photographer: Carlos Becerra/Bloomberg

Bloomberg: Venezuela’s Oil Capital Ransacked When the Lights Went Out

* In Maracaibo, hundreds of businesses were looted in blackout
* The pillage shows that anyone’s grip on the nation is tenuous

The sack of Maracaibo was almost over Thursday after a frenzy of violence and looting that showed just how close Venezuela is to total chaos.

In the country’s sweltering oil capital, about 500 businesses -- bakeries, tire shops, entire shopping malls -- were pillaged during the nationwide power blackout that began March 7. Looting continued even after the lights flickered on as residents overwhelmed the security forces of the Nicolas Maduro regime. Storekeepers are just beginning to clean up as the desperate keep sifting through the rubble.

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WNU Editor: It is everyone for themselves right now.

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