Most Of Venezuela Has Plunged Into A Country-Wide Power Blackout

People at a shopping mall during a blackout in Caracas, Venezuela, on Thursday. Photograph: Stringer/Reuters

The Guardian: Venezuela: huge power outage leaves much of country in the dark

At least 18 of 23 states reportedly affected by blackout authorities blamed on anti-government saboteurs

Venezuela has been hit by a vast power cut, with at least 18 of its 23 states reportedly affected by a blackout authorities blamed on anti-government saboteurs.

Commuters in the country’s crumbling capital, Caracas, were forced to walk home from work after the metro service was paralyzed by the outage, while the international airport was reportedly plunged into darkness.

Millions of citizens from the western state of Zulia to Amazonas in the far south were also reported to have been affected.

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WNU Editor: It just keeps on getting worse.

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